Connected Universal Experiences Labs

Mission Areas

Let’s create wonders together

Next generation information technologies are often referred to “ABCDE”s: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Data Technology, and Edge Computing. A great number of systems and applications are supported by these fundamental technologies, such as virtual reality, robotics, super computing, and advanced manufacturing, just to name a few.  Such systems and applications greatly improved productivity of industries, improved life quality of general public, and provided unlimited possibilities for many challenging problems. 

Connected Universal Experiences Labs set its mission areas to be the research, development and application of next generation information technologies for common challenges faced by human race. There are quite a few of such common challenges between China and Colombia: rapid urbanization which is brought by society development, transformation of traditional economy with more creative elements, health and well-being of citizens, and last but not least, quality education with no equity gaps and is easily accessible. As researchers, we strive to push forward the original innovations of next generation information technologies in related fields. Being engineers, we make possible measurable outcome of applying next generation information technologies on real problems. We connect research and development institutions and global talent networks, to foster the science and technology cooperation between China and Colombia. It is our vision to create wonders with science and technology to benefit the people of China and Colombia. Our vision and mission are reflected in, and realized through, the practices and programs of Connected Universal Experiences Labs.

Urban Planning

We use simulation techniques to fast model cities. Cartographic, geographic and photographic information are combined to create 3D models of a city that is visually realistic

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Creative City

We research and develop digitization techniques which recreate physical materials in the virtual world with fine details in realism.

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Public Health & Well-Being

Partnering with interdisciplinary colleagues on medical, social and pedagogical fields, we work hard on turning knowledge about public health and well-being threats into new media contents like serious games.

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Digital Classrooms

Three concepts are underscored by modern education for science and engineering: Student Centered, Outcome-based Education and Continuous Quality Improvement.

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