Connected Universal Experiences Labs

Implementing Technology for the Good of Human Race

We connect research and development institutions and global talent networks, to foster the science and technology cooperation between China and Colombia

About Us

The Latin America Regional Center of Connected Universal Experiences Labs located in the Universidad Santiago de Cali is a research and development facility and international think tank jointly established by Colleagues from China and Colombia. The main stakeholders on China side is State Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology and Systems (Academic) and Tianjin Jincaiwulian Technology Ltd. (industrial). The main stakeholder on Colombia side is the Universidad Santiago de Cali. Chinese and Colombian counterparts act as champions in forming consortium with leading partners in multiple sections. Interchanges and collaborations are carried out under the Connected Universal Experiences Labs framework, providing solid support for Sino-Colombian cooperation in science and technology.

It is our belief that differences in geographic regions and spoken languages are sources of cultural diversity, rather than obstacles for mutual understanding. Reasonable, massive-scale applications of next generation information technologies will create enormous benefits for the communications between people of the two great nations. Team members of the center dedicate their efforts towards this vision, making technology helpful for the connection of wisdom and talent networks, thus creating universal experiences across the globe.

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